Photo credit: University of Queensland

The University of Queensland in Saint Lucia’s Masterplan has long been a hot topic. Included in this plan is the expansion of the University by building 15 towers between four and eight storeys high beyond the footprint of the campus. Right now, it looks like the University will not be getting these anytime soon, if they bow to popular pressure.

The idea is part of the 20-year masterplan and now UQ is pushing to make it happen. The set of towers will be beside the old Avalon theatre on Sir Fred Schonell Drive; another one on the CSIRO site; and the last will be on Hawken Drive just across the road from the campus.

This has angered neighbours saying that the expansion can cause traffic congestion and compromise amenities in the area. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the perspective), the campus does not need the approval of the Brisbane City Council. In fact, they can just go right ahead and start building. This is because UQ has CID or Community Infrastructure Designation bestowed by the State Government, something that gives them the power to build within the boundaries of the campus.

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Just recently, the LNP released a pledge not to support the said extension to CID. Scott Emerson, State LNP MP for Indooroopilly said that his decision was urged by the negative feedback from the public. He further explained that the university can still develop their properties that they own outside the campus but this would have to go through the Council and it must adhere to their regulations first.

The St Lucia Community Association welcomed this pledge and expects the same from other Maiwar candidates. Ali King, Labor candidate for Maiwar shares the same opinion as Mr Emerson’s.

With all of these happening, we have yet to wait and see what’s going to happen. The UQ Masterplan will be finalised and released before the year ends.