The University of Queensland in Saint Lucia has had a number of campus celebrities over the years but one that has become popular even outside the walls of the campus is Patrick Hackett, a.k.a. the Glorious Ranga Mullet. Have you ever wondered where he is now?

Patrick Hackett caught the attention of many people because of his hair. His luscious, long, and crimson locks easily gave him campus celebrity status and a cult following when a Facebook page was made in honor of his mullet. The Page has now gained over 10,000 likes.

At the height of his popularity, he was studying Information Technology at UQ. It was in 2012 when he started growing his mullet on a whim. Mr Hackett said that he has gotten used to random people approaching him about his hair even before he became popular for it around the campus.

Photo credit: University of Queensland

The peak of his popularity lasted for six months until he decided to use his fame for a good cause. In 2014, Mr Hackett chopped his crowning glory short as part of the Leukemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave. Back then, the UQ Union Shave for a Cure Team was looking to raise $10,000 in sponsorship.

Photo credit: The Glorious Ranga Mullet that struts his stuff around UQ St. Lucia / Facebook

The World’s Greatest Shave is one of Australia’s biggest fundraisers and the money that it raises goes to blood cancer research. They also provide funds for the support of patients and family members. The foundation helps patients and family members through counseling, educational services, and accommodation for families who need to move whilst patients receive care.

Today, Mr Hackett works in IT at Earnshaw State College in Banyo, where he discovered that his coiff’s reputation had somewhat preceded him. He said that he was pleasantly surprised that some of the faculty members knew him already. In fact, the faculty head Scott Saxby also has an impressive mane, with his waist-long hair. He said his last haircut was in 1995, which coincidentally, is the year Mr Hackett was born. Inspired by Mr Hackett’s shave, Mr. Saxby also had his hair chopped off last March for the World’s Greatest Shave.