Saint Lucia residents are displeased over several new townhouse development proposals on Prospect Tce that they discovered when they noticed a drone taking photos of the area.

Residents had no idea at first what’s going on, which pushed them to ask real estate agents. They discovered that the drones have been flying around lately for a potential development involving three townhouse projects.

The first development seems to be planned for the lot behind a corner store in the area, which will have ten units. The second one will be across the street with five more units and another five up the hill will have eight units and nine townhouses spread over three levels. The streets where these developments will be built are hilly with poor line visibility and little on-street parking.

  • 12-18 Prospect Tce
  • 2-4 Prospect Tce
  • 15-17 Prospect Tce

Photo credit: Google Maps

Brisbane City Council has already raised numerous concerns about the proposal such as issues with its height, bulk, setbacks and the partial demolition of a pre-1946 home. The residents share the same concerns.

Cr Julian Simmonds urges residents to make submissions as early as now whilst the three developments are still undergoing various stages of assessments.