The University of Queensland in Saint Lucia is actively conducting studies for research on various fields and they are looking for volunteers to help them out.


Ankle Study

From 11th to 12th November, researchers at the university is calling for volunteers without ankle pain or stiffness to be a part of a lab study. The study will involve physical testing of the ankle, posture, joint mobility, sensation, balance, and function. Volunteers will be recognized for their participation with a gift voucher and a free ankle x-ray.

If you want to help, you can click here.


Diabetes Study

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UQ researchers are conducting a study on how diabetes affects the structure of tendons and connective tissue. People with diabetes poses a greater risk of developing musculoskeletal problems. This research will delve deeper into these issues.

Volunteers aged 38 to 50 years old, who are not exercising regularly, are overweight but with no diabetes, cancer or other inflammatory conditions and no ankle or foot pain or injuries are needed for this study.

It will only take two hours of your time. They will perform a single blood test, an ultrasound of your ankle tendons and conduct foot sensation tests. Your participation will be rewarded with a $20 Coles gift card. A free all-day parking pass will also be provided.

If you want to participate, you can email or call 0458 289 151.

The study is ongoing until 1 January 2018.


Hip Pain Study

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UQ is looking for healthy female volunteers aged between 40-70 years old who are free of hip pain. The study will last for two hours and volunteers will get a Coles Myers gift card and a free parking pass.

This study will run from 25 November to 31 December.

If interested, you can click here.