Owners Phillip and Michael Tan aren’t letting the chicken craze die down soon. In fact, they will be bringing it to Saint Lucia where their KaiKai Chicken is set to open in July at Hawken Drive.

This place is not your ordinary chicken restaurant. KaiKai Chicken will be serving up Korean fried chicken, along with other types of chicken, buffet-style! A recent trip spent traveling through Southeast Asia last year has inspired the owners to bring a variety of chicken flavours to Brisbane.

Yes, it’s time to loosen your belts and prepare for unlimited fried chicken goodness. Enjoy over ten flavors of chicken, such as Korean, American Southern, and Southeast chicken flavours, plus many more creative takes on almost everyone’s favourite food.

Photo credit: KaiKai Chicken / Facebook

It’s not just all about fried chicken, though. There will also be (unlimited) pizza, sides, and desserts. There is also going to be an a la carte Japanese-style menu in the coming months.

And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, it does. For just $25, you get to enjoy all the unlimited selections and to make sure that your hydrated throughout your chicken-fest, add $1.50 for bottomless drinks. If you’re feeling even more carnivorous, throw in $18 and get finger-licking, all-you-can-eat ribs as well.

Yes, KaiKai Chicken is definitely one to watch as it prepares to take over the West.