University of Queensland students will have a new bright living space following the approval of the $251-million Queensland Treasury Corporation loan to fund student accommodations. Construction has now begun.

Beginning September, contractors have started to remove kookaburra trees on the site where the accommodations will be built. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is now condemning the campus for letting such a horrible thing happen.

A video was captured by the Animal Justice Party showing a kookaburra sitting on a branch as a tree hits the ground whilst another tree with a nest on it was also removed.


Wrong Timing

What angered the RPSCA the most is that clearing the land of the trees was done in what they call “horrible timing” as September is the peak of the kookaburra breeding season. The breeding season lasts until January.

100 trees are being removed between Walcott and Coldridge Streets. The RSPCA wants UQ to delay the tree-clearing until after the breeding season. However, the UQ has already gotten all the necessary approvals and clearances to carry on with the work and there’s nothing the RSPCA can do to prevent the student residences project.

The upcoming student accommodation project within the campus will house 1,300 students as well as create around 620 jobs. They plan to have the accommodation completed by 2020.


The Remedy

In light of the loss of the trees that must go to make way for the development, the UQ will plant 7,000 tube stock trees to offset vegetation removal, as well as hire a fauna spotter to assist with the relocation of the animals.