Earlier this year, RACQ launched a survey regarding the bridges that must be built around Brisbane. A proposal of 12 new direct river crossings has been discussed. Residents and the LNP, on the other hand, want ten more bridges to be built with links between Toowong and West End, Bulimba and Teneriffe and Balmoral and Hamilton.

The LNP has allocated $3 million worth of funds for the investigation of future pedestrian and cycle crossings over the Brisbane River. The West End to St Lucia bridge and the Wilson Triple Jump option are the most favoured proposals.

Paul Turner of the RACQ said that they are very happy that the LNP has allocated funds to pursue more city bridges. LNP candidates are also very excited about the possibility of more bridges in the city because they believe that this will reduce traffic congestion and make transportation so much easier. They also believe that such additional infrastructure could improve the environment and the livability in the city.

The recent survey revealed that the Centenary Motorway Upgrade is the most supported bridge that garnered 75.4% net support as most respondents are or have lived in the west. Whilst residents living in the Ipswich City suburbs also made up 86.9% in support of the Centenary Motorway Upgrade.

West End – Saint Lucia, on the other hand, got 49.3% and preferred to be used for “walk, cycle and general lanes for all traffic.” The Moggill Road Bridge also got high approvals as well as Bellbowrie – River Hills and Hamilton to Balmoral. West End – Toowong, Wilson Triple Jump and Bulimba to Tenerife got each half percentage of votes.

The proposed West End – St Lucia Bridge takes the second spot following the Centenary Motoway Upgrade for the Most Preferred Bridge.

Photo credit: RACQ