The festive season is also called the “fatberg season” and for good reason. The Queensland Urban Utilities identified Saint Lucia, particularly the stretch along Sir Fred Schonell Drive, as one of the suburban hot spots with massive fatbergs. Fatbergs are congealed lumps of fat, wet wipes, condoms, diapers and similar items found in sewer systems.

These fatbergs are clogging up the pipes, obstructing water flow. A combination of wet wipes, nappies, and fat were found. Placing a camera into the sewer network, the QUU was able to capture the build-up of fatbergs in the pipes.

Credit: Queensland Urban Utilities

A spokeswoman said that the build-up of fatbergs during the Christmas season isn’t something new, however, residents might think that pouring hot cooking oils into their sinks may be harmless, but it actually isn’t.

Other causes of blockages that also might affect residents’ home plumbing are hot sauces and dips. These may seem convenient to flush down the drain but it will actually cause more problems in the long run.

Pouring used cooking oil into a container and throwing it in the trash bin is recommended whilst wiping the grease from pans using a paper towel can also help lessen the amount of fat in the pipes.

The QUU said that fatbergs are one of their most revolting problems that can easily be remedied with proper household or commercial kitchen disposal habits and practices.