The awful traffic congestion in Saint Lucia, particularly near the University of Queensland, has urged its vice-chancellor Professor Peter Hoj to propose a new traffic solution – an underground bus interchange.

The underground bus interchange proposal was included in the University’s 20-year master plan, which was released last Monday. Due to the growing population in the south-east of Queensland, a significant growth in campus is being continuously observed, which consequently calls for better solutions to improve the traffic situation in the area.

Professor Hoj believes that having a more efficient bus system will not only improve traffic but also cut the use of cars.

“We have traffic modelling [for consultancy] MRCagney which indicates that if we had the opportunity for buses to ‘go through’ the university – and in this case we would want it to go under UQ – you would reduce traffic on the St Lucia road network by 20 per cent,” he said.

Jackie Trad, Deputy Premier, and local MP is aware of the community’s traffic concerns and has acknowledged the plan to have an underground bus system. She further notes that UQ will need to apply for a new Community Infrastructure Designation.

The University of Queensland plans to have the buses from Eleanor Schonell Bridge run into their underground bus interchange between the Lakes and the Chancellors bus stations. From there, there will be a link to Indooroopilly and Toowong.

Professor Hoj reassures concerned citizens that plans are being devised to help improve traffic. Significant state and federal government help are needed to help them build new infrastructure.

The UQ’s 20-year master plan also includes the construction of new buildings within the next five years, to accommodate the projected campus population increase. The University will need a total of $600 million for this project, including campus maintenance.

Photo credit: CC-BY/palg1305/Flickr