St Lucia locals are tackling another childcare centre planned opposite Ironside State School. Locals are opposed to the idea because they believe that this will bring more traffic and noise in the area.

West Brisbane has seen an overflow of planned child-care centre developments lately. Just recently, Chapel Hill residents were outraged over the construction of a childcare facility on Moordale St. They, too, are against the facility due to the increase in traffic that it might bring, along with a perceived disruption of peace within the area.

Ironside State School has recently been accepted as an active traffic school with 1,100 students and 100 staff. The area is already filled with vehicles coming in and out. The school also holds after-school care as well that also increases traffic.

St Lucia Community Association president James Mackay has already spoken about the issue and said that this 27 Central Ave. application is “the worst development application” that they have ever seen. Having extra children dropped off in the area will really create traffic chaos.

The Brisbane City Council also responded to the issue and said that the development application is still being assessed. They also acknowledged that the developer, MDE Beer Pty Ltd, has submitted a traffic management report.

Also, the State Government’s Planning Act requires the developer to seek community feedback, although given the way things are going right now, it seems that it would be difficult for the developer to get a yes from them.

In August of this year, there have been three properties that were being eyed as well to be turned into a childcare facility. These properties are at 254-256 Hawken Drive and 80 Boomerang Road, which have been purchased by a private corporation. The buyer hasn’t laid out plans yet for the property but again, another childcare facility could be among the options for it.